Observers, spectators, watching it all unfold like a movie. Watching it all unfold. The spectacle of a whale used to swimming miles a day in the sea, now twisting and flipping in the air. Landing in a concrete pool of water and excrement, while crowds clap and cheer from the stands. So quick to laugh and squeal with excitement, without a thought or question.

Why are we keeping lions in cages and calling them sanctuaries? How can we put polar bears in a mid-western zoo and pretend like we're providing them with a suitable habitat? Why do we crave a closer look at the expense of their well-being? There will be no teachable moment, unless we're trying to teach that it's okay to kidnap animals from the wild, enslave them, and breed them for our own selfish reasons.


from Autarkeia / Me and Goliath, released October 23, 2014



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