Concrete Walls

from by autarkeia



Increased occupancy leads to increased revenue. Poverty and lack of opportunity is met with concrete walls when social systems and educational systems fail to address the underlying issues. We patch up the problems with harder tests and more demands, while guidance counselors and social workers take pay cuts and lose their jobs. People buy stock in private prison corporations, where more beds, filled beds, equal success. Success is measured by how many prison beds are filled, not by keeping people out of prison in the first place, or by the opportunities they are given when released.

Corporations profit from every phone call home, every bar of soap, every hour worked. Every hour, they make pennies for themselves while the rest is divvied out. Contracts are developed, guarantees are made, quotas must be met. People are being exploited while stockholders dine on fine foods and make excuses for themselves.


from Autarkeia / Me and Goliath, released October 23, 2014



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